Title:  Senior Engineering Manager

Job Purpose

To establish and maintain good working relationships with customer management teams; To plan and co-ordinate multi-discipline engineering design assignments within and across disciplines to agreed time and cost limits; To develop solutions to engineering problems which meet or exceed customer requirements; To manage the delivery of all design deliverables in accordance with project HSE and quality requirements, negotiating revisions to cost and schedule where necessary; Manage the workshare process; Ensure proper implementation and application of the workshare methodology; Promote operational level teamwork in support of successful workshare.

  • Project Budget: up to 100M USD TIC            
  • Project Type: Reimbursable / Lumpsum                
  • Project Phases: EPC / EPCM Phase

Main Scope/Responsibilities

  • Leadership
    • Coordinate implementation of JSTEPS, the Project Execution Plan, and client-directed work processes or best practices during each phase of the project
    • Review the project contract and fully understand JESA’ contractual requirements; 
    • Act as the project manager on behalf of the project manager when so assigned; 
    • Review discipline professional services estimates and consolidate into an overall engineering estimate; 
    • Ensure the Technical Integrity of design output;
    • Ensure all design engineering activities meet or exceed engineering standards with regard to quality, cost, safety, and performance; 
    • Plan and manage engineering and design systems implementation, technical specifications, standard drawings standard setup of models, etc. and data management systems;  
    • Plan and manage engineering resources; 
    • Manage value improvement processes; 
    • Ensure quality and consistency of technical output; 
    • Ensure the project team is working within the provisions and standards of the Quality Assurance system relevant to the project; 
    • Provide a technical interface with the customer;
    • Manage third party consultants/specialists
  • Safety
    • Ensure understanding and compliance and with safety in design (SID) initiatives and technical guidelines; 
    • To ensure HSE has the highest priority in all activities undertaken by Engineering and Design personnel; Ensure the project team follows safe working practices and follow Health Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures
  • Technical
    • Coordinate the development, client review, client approval, and implementation of project specific procedures, specifications, and standards including the basic engineering data (BED sheets); 
    • Assist the construction and subcontract groups in defining construction, subcontracts; 
    • Coordinate and participate in modular construction reviews and constructability reviews; 
    • Actively participate and monitor purchase commitments and subcontracts to ensure the design, fabrication, delivery of materials and execution of the work are in accordance with project requirements; Assist with vendor and subcontractor bidding and selection process (request for quotation, bid tab and purchase order approvals); 
    • Support disciplines in resolving technical and schedule related issues with vendors in a timely fashion that supports the project schedule; 
    • Lead, coordinate, and participate in task force reviews of P&IDs, plot plans, equipment arrangements, model reviews, HAZOP reviews and other similar project activities; 
    • Hold and coordinate weekly Management of Change OC approval meetings with disciplines; 
    • Ensure engineering deliverables are properly reviewed, checked and approved in a timely fashion utilizing JPI approval and confirmation commands; 
    • Work closely with the document management group to coordinate and expedite the flow of information among the disciplines to keep project on schedule; 
    • Monitor comments on interdisciplinary squad check documents

Main Scope/Responsibilities (continued)

  • Administration
    • Implement the established uniform project filing system through Document; 
    • Management and issue file index as required by client; 
    • Ensure project access rights are set up correctly for JPI and other project systems; 
    • Provide feedback to the discipline department managers as to the performance of the discipline team and the discipline lead; 
    • Be the point project person who works with the discipline managers to staff and de-staff the project; Conduct project meetings and ensure meeting notes are recorded and issued in a timely fashion; 
    • Initiate and maintain the project Needs List; 
    • Monitor and address changes to project scope; Work closely with document management for the orderly flow of information within the project
  • Schedules
    • Actively participate in the interactive planning sessions and be able to identify schedule sequence and timing problems from a discipline perspective; 
    • Monitor all critical path links in the schedule and ensure disciplines are meeting schedule milestones; Ensure changes of deliverables are reflected in the schedule to allow for planning of schedule recovery/acceleration, or the proper schedule slippage/improvement is implemented and approved; Ensure change notices are submitted and approved in a timely fashion and adequately reflect schedule impacts
  • Budget
    • Hold planning sessions with the disciplines when change notices are denied and/or budgets are unilaterally cut, to accomplish project goals with reduced allocated resources; 
    • Enforce management of change as it relates to discipline budgets; 
    • Assist the project manager with monthly reviews from the disciplines and progress reviews; 
    • Manage project budget to ensure that there are no surprises
  • Workshare
    • Identify and mitigate workshare risks and challenges; 
    • Coordinate with Supporting Office the preparation of cost and professional services estimates; 
    • Ensure the successful establishment and utilization of regular, frequent communications between project teams in line with project communications plan; 
    • Coordinate and expedite Technical Queries from Supporting Office; 
    • Coordinate timely delivery of accurate/complete input data to Supporting Office; 
    • Assist project teams as required with setup, management and understanding of the project SharePoint project portal.
    • Provide guidance on best use of communication and collaboration tools and systems. 
    • Arrange training if required; Assist project teams to ensure alignment and agreement of Engineering Design Systems (EDS), Engineering Data Management (EDM) and associated work processes. 
    • Ensure project EDS and EDM documentation covers workshare aspects; 
    • Assist project teams to ensure alignment and agreement use of project controls work process. 
    • Monitor and report Supporting Office project schedule and cost performance; 
    • Work with the home office to prepare the Workshare Execution Plan (WEP) and Work Release Packages (WRP); 
    • Work with the Supporting Office to ensure the Supporting Office portion of the project is executed in line with Home Office requirements as documented in the WEP or WRP; 
    • Ensure Supporting Office has been provided with, and is working to, the project procedures


  • Engineering Degree or more
  • Curricula: One of the following Engineering Disciplines
    • Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Process, Piping or Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Global Experience

  • 15 to 20 years

Specific Experience in the position

  • Completed Project Min Required:  100 000 Hours
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in field engineering on a construction phase
Country/Region:  MA
Job Req ID:  18976

Job Segment: Construction, Design Engineer, Controls Engineer, Engineer, Electrical, Engineering